Royal Grammar School


    We have a clear vision of what we are and what we work constantly to achieve, for and with the boys and girls who join the RGS. The school is characterised by an aspirational, inclusive, altruistic, supportive and friendly community spirit.

    Fully co-educational, the RGS is preeminent nationally and regionally in standards of academic achievement, extra-curricular activity and the collective and individual experience of its students. Its students are tirelessly enthusiastic, ambitious and generous with their talents, the staff highly-qualified, committed professionals and inspirational role-models.

    We strive to ensure that the RGS is a school where:

    • everyone feels safe, valued and respected
    • students want to come to school because it's fun and fulfilling
    • students are happy, and corridors and rooms ring with the buzz of cheerful, positive conversation - and ready laughter
    • the care and courtesy modelled by teachers are learned and shared by boys and girls in a spirit of community
    • bright, enquiring young minds are fed the intellectual food of challenge and high expectation
    • creative, searching, original thinking and questioning are demanded
    • the emotional wellbeing of every student is central to all we do
    • every girl and boy finds her/his niche and is helped to grow in self-esteem and to build resilience as much as understanding
    • the quiet or less confident student feels as protected and nurtured as the outgoing character
    • our students go on from school to enjoy not only the university and degree course of their choice but also successful and fulfilling lives.

    Is that an impossible vision to maintain in a difficult world? We don't believe so.

    It calls for an emotionally intelligent, humane, thoughtful and altruistic school: that's what the RGS is. Such 'soft' qualities are entirely compatible with the highest standards. Wide involvement and participation, opportunities for all indeed, can and should be achieved at the same time as very high levels of attainment both in and out of the classroom. We have long believed in the vital importance of its extra-curricular life, an aspect that does not merely complement but actually strengthens the academic side: its Junior School, GCSE and A-level results demonstrate every year that those who achieve most highly in the classroom and examination hall are those who have been most fully engaged in sport, the arts and all the other aspects of the RGS's incomparably rich life outside the classroom.

    Within an ethos of high expectation, RGS students constantly surprise themselves with how much they can do and achieve.