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Picture: A girl experiments with a plastic skeleton in a RGS Biology lesson

Newcastle’s Royal Grammar School is a special place, known and respected throughout the whole country as well as the North East. Our exam results are outstanding by any measure, and our students go on to highly selective courses at the most sought-after universities.

Boys and girls come to the RGS expecting to achieve a great deal in the classroom: but they leave the school realising that the ethos and school life outside the classroom have been equally beneficial.

Within an ethos of high expectation, then, both in and outside the classroom our students constantly surprise themselves with how much they can do and achieve. Breadth of opportunity; depth of achievement; unstinting support and care; a sense of fun; space to think and a buzz of excitement: those are what characterise an RGS education.

Please look through this website, but don’t convince yourself that it’s the real thing. After this virtual experience, come in and see the school in action, on its showpiece annual Open Morning, and also on an ordinary working day. We believe that you too will feel that empowering ethos, that can-do culture, that special feeling of life which is the RGS.