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Picture: A girl experiments with a plastic skeleton in a RGS Biology lesson

The School

Although the exact date is a matter of argument, tradition has it that the Royal Grammar School was founded in 1545. Its first site was next to St Nicholas’ Cathedral; since then it has moved five times, but it has occupied its present buildings in Jesmond since 1906.

Having received its Royal Charter from Elizabeth I, the school has grown over the centuries — there are now some 1260 students in the school, more than 200 of whom are in the Junior School, which shares the same site as the Senior School. The Sixth Form of more than 380 is one of the largest in the independent sector. In 2001, the school welcomed its first girls into the Sixth Form and in September 2008, the school became fully co-educational .

RGS students travel to the school from all over the region, and come from all backgrounds — a vigorous bursary campaign currently provides more than 100 students, who would not have been able to consider an RGS education, with the opporunity of reaching their full potential, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Though the school is very proud of its long history and sense of tradition, it looks forward rather than back and continues to flourish as the premier school in the North East of England.