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Alumnus wins Nobel Prize

Alumnus wins Nobel Prize

Illustration: Niklas Elmehed. Copyright: Nobel Media AB 2018RGS is celebrating the achievement of one of its alumni who has become a Nobel Laureate.

Sir Gregory Winter, now master of Trinity College, Cambridge, has been jointly awarded the 2018 Nobel prize in Chemistry alongside Professors Frances Arnold and George Smith, for his pioneering work in using phage display for the directed evolution of antibodies, with the aim of producing new pharmaceuticals.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced the 2018 Prize on Wednesday 3rd October with one half awarded to Frances Arnold and the other half jointly awarded to George Smith and Sir Gregory.

Sir Greg attended RGS from 1964 to 1969 after his family moved to the North East from the Midlands. He becomes the first Old Novocastrian to win a Nobel Prize, an achievement RGS is extremely proud of.

John Fern, Headmaster of RGS, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to hear that Sir Greg Winter, a former pupil of RGS, has been awarded a Nobel Prize and offer him our warmest congratulations.

"His discovery has undoubtedly affected us all in some way through the new treatments that are now possible and I really hope that this will serve as inspiration for a new generation of students who will follow his example and go out into the world to make a real difference.”