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Art students star at ARTiculation regional rounds

Art students star at ARTiculation regional rounds

Year 13 students Ruby Lord and Max Cooper-Clark took to the stage at BALTIC at the end of January for the regional rounds of ARTiculation.

The ARTiculation Prize is a nationally acclaimed annual event designed to promote the appreciation and discussion of Art, engaging students aged 16-19. Each student delivers a 10 minute presentation about a work of art, artefact or architecture of their choice.

At the North East finals, Laurence Sillars (Chief Curator at BALTIC) acted as adjudicator, assessing each students' presentation, looking at content, structure, delivery and the speakers original approach and unique potential.

Ruby was praised for her eloquent description and the historical contextualisation of her work which made Laurence feel like he had seen this work in person. He was also impressed by Ruby's discussion of her personal response which promoted strong empathy with the work.

Max (who finished second) pulled the audience in from the start, which Laurence enjoyed, as Max presented from his 11-year old self through to today explaining how this has shaped his response. Max was praised for engaging the audience with humour and the evocative descriptions and contextual references.

Both Max and Ruby truly enjoyed the opportunity and experience and can be delighted with their accomplishments.


*Photos courtesy of ARTiculation 2017 and The Roche Court Educational Trust