Royal Grammar School


Business as usual

Business as usual

A level results day brings a full range of emotions for students up and down the country; joy, anguish, surprise and jubilation are all on show. And with the change in A levels, it's certainly business as usual at the RGS as our students once again scored top grades.

The 173 A level candidates achieved very highly with:

- 30.5% of grades were at the top A* grade
- 65.7% were at either A* or A
- 87.7% were at A*, A or B
- 25 candidates achieved A* in all their exams, of whom:
- 13 achieved A* in 4 exams (all included Further Maths)
- 12 achieved A* in three exams (4 gained A*A*A* plus A)
- 59 candidates achieved all A* or A grades.

Retiring Headmaster, Dr Bernard Trafford commented on the challenging new pattern of exams,
"To say that such great results are ‘business as usual’ at the RGS is tempting: but these top results have been achieved at a particularly challenging time. Our teachers and students alike have been coming to terms with a new style of linear exam, new syllabuses, new courses: to score at their usual stratospheric level (even a little up on the last two years) does them enormous credit. It shows great resilience on the part both of our hard-working students and of our fantastic teachers who constantly challenge and inspire them."

He continued,
"The changes have called for some courage. Our subject departments have made some bold decisions when choosing their new exam syllabuses in terms of changing exam boards and, in the case of History, abandoning the traditional A level in favour of the relatively-recently developed Pre-U course.

"Of course, for our ambitious students the exam results are really all about gaining places on highly competitive courses at prestigious universities. Despite the fact that so many were seeking to satisfy very demanding conditional offers, with these results under their belt I’m confident their success rate will be very high."

Dr Trafford leaves the school in a strong position as he retires, with John Fern taking over in the new school year. Commenting on his departure he said,

"As I finally head off into the sunset (this retirement’s been a long time coming!), I’m delighted to leave the RGS confident and academically as strong as ever."