Royal Grammar School


    The RGS Bursaries Campaign, supported entirely by voluntary donations, has supported almost 250 students in the twelve years since the campaign was established. In the academic year 2015/16 a total of 82 students are benefiting to some extent from bursary funding. The immediate practical impact is tangible. Please click here to read Christian Gardner's story, it's a great story based on generosity and humanity.   

    And yet. If this story is to continue, long term, very long term, we need to grow the fund both in terms of financial strength and the numbers of participants. From the Penrith generation of 1939 - 1944 to the current day, fewer than ten per cent of Old Novos have either made a donation or pledged a legacy. We can do better than that!   

    Nigel Paton (66-76) 
    Chair of RGS Bursaries Campaign