Royal Grammar School




The Junior School once again made their annual trip to Prestatyn for the semi-finals of the England Primary School's Chess Championships. 

There were five teams competing for RGS, with three in the U11s and two in the U9s competition respectively, each with five to six players each.

31 teams took part in the U11 competition, with only the top three making it through to the final. The top RGS team managed to finish 6th scoring 18/30. Jamie McIntosh (Year 6) led the scoring with an excellent score of 5.5/6. Oliver Wall (Year 5) and Sebastijan Hunt (Year 6) both scored well with 5/6 on both their boards. 

26 teams made up the U9 competition with just the top two making the final. Similar to the older age group, RGS finished 6th with 17/30. Harish Ulaganathan (Year 4) had a superb weekend and finished being the only RGS player to score a perfect round (6/6). A special mention should go to Daniel Rajiv (Year 4) who also scored highly with 5/6.

'In Prestatyn, I enjoyed playing chess the most and staying overnight. I also enjoyed playing tennis, cricket and badminton. It was a fantastic trip - thank you to everybody who organised it.' Suyash Dhull, Year 3.

For some, this was their first experience of Prestatyn, and for others it was their last before joining the senior school. All the students composed themselves brilliantly and were great representatives of the school.