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Climbing in El Chorro

Climbing in El Chorro

During the October half-term, three Senior School students departed to El Chorro in Spain to experience some challenging outdoor climbing. The group enjoyed excellent weather, with temperatures well into the high 20s. This meant that the ascent of the Escalare Arabe (the Arab Steps) on the first day was a bit of a long hot slog, but worth it for the view at the top! Thankfully, there was always the opportunity to escape to the pool or into the shade for a siesta.  

The group experienced some enjoyable climbing at the trackside crag of Los Albercones as well as a small crag near Valle Abdalajiis and Desplomilandia, which was huge, with lots of difficult routes. Later in the trip the group split to visit different sites and tackle varying routes, including one overlooking the El Chorro gauge.  

This was a great week of challenging climbing, beautiful weather and excellent behaviour from the students. The Thai Green Curry on the second evening was also a particular highlight! It was great to see the boys benefitting from the individual attention which can be offered with a smaller group and their climbing improved noticeably throughout the duration of the trip. This was one of the best climbing trips we have done. Roll on February 2015 for the next one!