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Dreaming of a White Christmas

Dreaming of a White Christmas

To be honest, I have no idea whether we’ll have a white Christmas or not. We have friends visiting from Australia who are demanding all the traditional elements of an English Christmas, including snow, but I’m not convinced that even north Northumberland will provide that.

But I’ll certainly do a lot of dreaming - or sleeping, at any rate. And I know I speak for everyone in the school, students and staff alike, when I say we all need a rest after what I know I always say has been a particularly hectic and productive term. But it has been both of those, more so than ever!

I think our students know how much they give and how much they achieve: but it doesn’t hurt to remind them! So, mums and dads, spoil them a little and make sure they do a lot of resting – and don’t forget to tell them how proud you are of them!

A very happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year to everyone. 

Bernard Trafford