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ESSA National Swimming Championships

ESSA National Swimming Championships

Last Saturday, a team of 6 girls travelled down to Ponds Forge in Sheffield to take part in the National Primary Relay Finals, following qualification in May.  It was a great event, with the captains marching behind the north-east division banner (to the tune of ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rumble as our regional song!) and meeting the major of Sheffield to start the event.   There were three heats for both the medley and freestyle relays, followed by an ‘A’ and ‘B’ final.  There were some outstanding swimmers there, and whilst the girls missed out on qualification to the finals at freestyle, they were placed 8th nationally in the medley, due to a win in the B final.  All 6 girls swam brilliantly and they did the school and themselves proud. 

A special thank you from a proud coach to Emily Elliott,  Jemima Hutchinson, Kate Salthouse, Katie Wynne-Jones, and the two captains, Lucy Davis and Megan Cottee for a most enjoyable day, as well as to our ‘posse’ of RGS supporters, cheering us on from the balcony!   Now, the training starts for next year!

- Miss Bolam