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Encantos Españoles

Encantos Españoles

The Spanish department have been very busy this term with a number of activities happening across all the School year-groups. Here's a little summary of the delightful things our students have been getting involved with:

The Golden Dream
33 Year 10 Hispanists took part in a Spanish event at Tyneside Cinema which involved watching a film in Spanish and working with a University lecturer in some workshops associated with the themes of the film. 
The film watched was 2013 Mexican film, La Jaula de Oro (The Golden Dream) which is a piercing and poetic film (completely in Spanish) that follows the fortunes of three Guatemalan teenagers on a dangerous journey across the Mexican border into the United States. Before and after the film, the students were involved in some group work which allowed them to use and develop their language skills in a different setting.

Romance is not dead
Year 10 student Ruchika Thapar took part in the recent European Day of Languages competition and received a judges' commendation for her entry. 
European Day of Languages is an annual day that aims to encourage appreciation of cultural diversity and raise awareness of the value of language skills.
This year's competition celebrated languages through the gift of handwriting and the sending and receiving of personal messages by post. Ruchika wrote a Valentine's card in Spanish to her imaginary loved-one asking him to be her Valentine, demonstrating an excellent level of Spanish as well as old-school romanticism.

Wild Tales
Sixth Formers were also involved in their own film-day at Tyneside Cinema, and like the Year 10s, they watched a film (in Spanish) and also took part in workshops led by Newcastle University Modern Foreign Language students. 
Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales), an Argentinian film, engrossed the students with its themes of how decisions can snowball out of control and come back to haunt you. After the screening, the students were then invited to discuss the film using their language skills in a enjoyable and usefu way.

Juvenes Translatores
We recently took part in the Juvenes Translatores translation contest organised by the European Commission every year and is open to 17 year olds. Five of our Year 13 students put their translation skills in Spanish and French to the test competing alongside 3000 other participants in a two-hour long task. Each of the students; Phoebe Gittins, Nina Harvie-Clark, Laura Vickers, Imogen Peen and Tom Whitworth all excelled.