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Friends enjoy pleasant spring walk

Friends enjoy pleasant spring walk

At the end of March, our friends group set off for their Spring outing in the beautiful surroundings of the northern North Yorkshire Moors.

For the 25-strong group, first stop was The Jet Miners Inn at Great Broughton for some much needed breakfast before setting out along the Cleveland Way.

Due to the recent adverse weather (including the snowfall), the ground conditions around the contours of Urra Moor (one of the group's first climbs), was sometimes rather challenging. However, the group made great progress including Poppy, the Kennan's miniature dachshund, who walked all the way!

After a short drinks-stop, the group made their descent to Chop Gate, walking a lane lined with daffodils and snowdrops as they made their way towards Bilsdale Hall.

Lunch was taken as the group ascended Cold Moor, stopping half way to the summit and appreciating the lovely easterly views.

The group continued on towards the magnificent sandstone outcrop of the Wainstones, which most of the group climbed. Those who preferred not to, took the muddy path through the evergreen plantation and met the climbing group at the base of White Hill.

As the group descended the ridge of Hasty Bank, a rare Eagle Owl swooped down over the group surprising everyone. What a sight for all just as the walk came to an end.

Thanks as always to everyone who was on the walk, David Arnold for his evocative walk description, Kendall Dias for the maps, the six pre-walkers and Colin Campbell and Kevin Flannery for leading on the day.

Next up on the calendar for the Friends group is the summer outing that anyone is invited to join. The summer outing will include three different offerings that all give a opportunity to explore the marvellous Lake District. For more information, please download the itinerary