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Friends of RGS enjoy Spring Walk

Friends of RGS enjoy Spring Walk

Towards the end of March, a good-sized group of Friends of RGS travelled south to Staithes on the North Yorkshire coast for the annual Friends Spring Walk.
The group set out, wandering down into the village, then upwards to the cliff top and headed south under sunny, cloudless skies, with a gentle surf lapping the grey, once heavily industrialised & fossil bearing shale cliffs, towards Sandsend 8 miles away, before venturing on to Whitby, 2 miles further.

With panoramic seascapes views beyond eroded and slumped cliffs, the group walked across fields to Port Mulgrave where a harbour once stood, then on around the Rosedale cliffs to the sheltered sandy beach and the cliff-perched village of Runswick Bay. Here, we stopped for lunch in the glorious sunshine, which included ice cream!

Heading on across the beach, the group passed the sailing club-house, to a significant stream to the wooden stairway the group would climb some 330 feet to the headland of High Cliff. At Kettle Ness, the group explored the headland that shows signs of a deserted village lost to landslip in 1829, and the spoils of former mine workings.

Moving away from the coastal path, down the steep steps into a wooded gorge, the group preceded to walk along the disused railway track bed before heading down again to meet the sea at Sandsend, where some members of the group decided to take the bus into Whitby, whilst the rest would venture on.

The group travelled along the foreshore adjacent to Whitby Golf Club, reaching the Whalebone Arch, which would signal the end of the walk. From here the group enjoyed drinks at the Bay Royal Hotel or explored Whitby, before returning to Newcastle.

It was a delightful day, enjoyed by all.

Most grateful thanks to our driver, staff at RGS who helped with certain logistics for the walk, all the pre-walkers for their efforts in February, especially David Arnold for his evocative walk descriptions and accompanying images which painted an enticing and knowledgeable picture of lovely and interesting walks, Mark Bell & Sean O'Hagan for the maps, and all of those who walked in good spirit. 

The Summer Walk will be on Saturday 8th June to the Newlands Horseshoe in the Lake District near Keswick. A pre-walk will take place on Monday 29th April with walk route options available shortly after.

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