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Success at GCSE

Success at GCSE

Fresh from celebrating A level success last week, RGS is now rejoicing in great results from GCSE candidates.

Despite warnings in the press of likely volatility in GCSE results and a probable reduction in the number of top grades awarded as exam boards “toughen up” [unconfirmed at the time of writing this], Year 11 students at the RGS produced a superb and highly consistent performance this year for which they deserve many congratulations. 

In summary: 
  • Over 53% of grades awarded were at A* (or better in the case of the 20 students who got A^ grades in Further Maths: that means, in effect, a double-starred A grade) 
  • Over 83% of grades were at A* or A.
  • Out of a year-group of 142 students, 61 achieved 11 GCSEs (including Further Maths) 60 achieved all A* or A grades 16 achieved all A* grades. 

It is worth noting that most exams taken by RGS students are actually iGCSEs, the international qualification favoured by many independent schools.

Headmaster Dr Bernard Trafford commented: “Yet another cohort of RGS students has produced an astonishing set of results. Modest about their talents, most will be gobsmacked when they realize just how well they’ve done. They have worked immensely hard in ten or 11 subjects, a challenge involving real depth and breadth at the same time. They have been very well taught and superbly prepared: but the success and credit belong to them. I’m desperately proud of our boys and girls, and delighted for them.”