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Geography Going Underground

Geography Going Underground

A small group of Year 9 Geographers joined Mr Wilson and Mr Downie on an exploration of the limestone ‘karst’ landscape in the Ingleborough area of the Yorkshire Dales National Park on Sunday 7 June.

After leaping from clint to clint, staring down various grykes and looking into a number of swallow holes, including the spectacular and fatally dangerous Gaping Gill, the group took refuge from the bitingly cold wind (known as ‘summer’ in North Yorkshire) by entering the Ingleborough Cave system with specialist guide, John.

Here in the cool, dark passages, against a background of dripping water and hollow echoes, the students engaged in discussion with John about the geomorphological evidence of joints, bedding planes, carbonation, tectonics and climate change, giving the impressed public visitors (including two three-year-olds and a dog named Rupert) a more in-depth insight into the cave than they might have expected.