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Gymnasts bounce into national finals

Gymnasts bounce into national finals

A squad of 19 gymnasts headed to Carlisle last week to compete in the Regional Floor, Vault and Trio Championships.

RGS had teams in all categories: Under 11 boys' trio, Under 11 girls' trio, Under 13 girls' trio, Under 13 boys' trio, Under 19 girls' trio and Under 19 boys' trio.

All six teams won medals, with all three boys' teams winning their categories and all of the girls' teams finishing in the top three. All bar the Under 13 girls' qualified for the national championships to be held in May.

This was the best overall results to date for the RGS, a true testament to the strength and depth of gymnastics at the school.



Under 11 boys', winners - Patrick Magill (Year 6), Dan Beale (Year 5), Angus Robson (Year 5).
Under 13 boys', winners - Isak Cornellisen (Year 8), Eddie Mackay (Year 7), Ariz Zaman (Year 9)
Under 19 boys', winners - Tom Huntley (Lower Sixth), Finn Gavin (Year 11), Marcus Laws (Year 8)
Under 11 girls', second - Beth Hill (Year 5), Flo Elliot (Year 6), Martha Fearby (Year 5), Rachel Robinson (Year 6)
Under 13 girls', third - Gargi Mannikar (Year 7), Aliza Hassan (Year 7), Jessica Hegarty (Year 7)
Under 19 girls', second - Hannah Pilling (Year 11), Evie Tate (Year 8), Maia Snedden (Year 8)