Royal Grammar School




We got there! I’m not going to write much here today because, at the moment this blog appears on the school website, my half-term letter will be winging its way to parents through the miracle of e-mail.  

As always, my letter talks about just how busy, happy, productive, challenging and exciting life has been: great achievement, great fun along the way, the hallmark (oh dear, how often do I say this?) of an RGS education.  

As usual, it never quite stops. As I write this the buses are already rolling towards the Battlefields with that large Year 11 contingent aboard. I know that the end of half-term will see our netballers at Sedbergh for a tournament (even though we normally allow our sportsmen and women a rest in half-term): and, writing this off the top of my head, I’ve probably forgotten several other valuable activities taking place.  

That is the nature of a rich and enriching education. And, in many ways, it’s “just what we do”. Another thing I’ve done today is to write my Welcome page for the annual Review magazine, a more colourful and attractive record of the previous year than ever. It’s certainly attractively designed: but the picture of school life that it paints is equally colourful. Indeed, the chore of proofreading the Review magazine becomes a pleasure, because it’s so good to read about everything that took place last year.  

Yet we still look to the future. The new building is coming on apace. My letter is full of the dates of major events happening through the rest of term: and there’s even advice about the changes coming to A levels from 2015 onwards. Education can pause and reflect: that’s good. But otherwise it has constantly to look forward, not back.  

Meanwhile, for a week, let’s hope most of us can slow down a little and recharge our batteries ready for the fresh onslaught in November!  

Bernard Trafford