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Happiness through giving

Happiness through giving

It’s a well-known fact, firmly established by proper research, that one of the things that makes people happiest is giving. To extrapolate more broadly (as we’ve done quite a lot in recent assemblies and other sessions at school), kindness doesn’t just make a community, such as a school, a better place in which to live and work; the act of being kind makes us humans innately happier.

There’s been plenty of evidence of that this week. The buzz, fun and excitement (not to mention cake-consumption) of Charities Week have been more pronounced than ever. So busy has school been that I’ve managed to see only a fraction of the activities going on. And that’s true for everyone, because there have just been so many! 

It was fun being part of the wonderful spirit of the Fashion Show on Tuesday. The staff (fortunately) managed a narrow win over the students in the University Challenge quiz, the score lines of 205-175 showing how close and how good a session it was; the House Rowathon went on all day yesterday; and, as this blog goes up online, we are still a little deafened by the traditional Friday lunchtime thrash (live rock music) in the main hall.

Of course it’s been fun; one can have fun and do useful and good work, too. And that’s certainly happened this week.

As I write this we don’t have a final figure for the money raised. I’m sure it will be an impressive sum, but that’s only part of the point. At the heart of it was the good work, the thinking of others, the altruism and generosity that underlie the RGS Charities Week. It’s right, moral, worthwhile and laudable. It’s great education, too.