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Head announces his intent to retire

Head announces his intent to retire

Our head, Dr Bernard Trafford, today announced his intention to retire in the summer of 2017. 

In a letter to parents, Chairman of the Governors, Paul Walker, wrote:

“All good things must finally come to an end (!), and I am writing to inform you that our Headmaster since 2008, Dr Bernard Trafford, has decided to retire next summer, 2017. Some of you will know that Bernard celebrated a milestone birthday earlier this year and has been teaching for 38 years and had indicated then that he might retire in the near future.

There will be time over the coming months to pay tribute to what he has achieved, and to the success that the school has enjoyed under his leadership. I am sure that many people will have their own anecdotes to add.

For now, it is perhaps enough to say that the school is currently in a very strong position following the excellent ISI inspection report and summer exam results. Most important, perhaps, its pastoral care for the boys and girls in the school is second to none: the RGS is, above all, a school which places the happiness and wellbeing of its students at the heart of its hunger for high achievement.

Although the Governing Body will be sad at Bernard’s departure, such is the school’s current standing and reputation that we are confident of finding a first-rate and appropriate successor. The search-and-appointment procedure is already underway, and you may rest assured that the process of finding a new Head will be a thorough one.”

Talking about his impending departure, Dr Trafford said:

'The move to Newcastle and its Royal Grammar School eight years ago is one of the best things I've done. I love the North East and its wonderful people, I'm still working on my Geordie accent (!) and have enjoyed more laughs and fewer groans in my time here than at any stage in my 38 years as a teacher. The RGS reflects its City: ambitious, proud and hugely successful - but always the first to laugh at itself. 

'I'll be 61 next year: I used to think that was an enormous age when my dad turned 60. Now he's 95 and going strong, I have a different view!

'Still, by next summer I'll have completed 27 years as a Head, which is probably enough for anyone. I'm fit and well and, though I'll desperately miss my charming and amazing colleagues and students, it's time to let someone else enjoy the privilege of leading this fantastic school while I write more, play more music and spend more of my time exploring the remoter parts of Northumberland.'

The School would like to wish Bernard all the best in his retirement, he will be missed sorely by staff, teachers and parents. 

Details will be announced in due course regarding Bernard's successor.