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Headmaster shares his thoughts

Headmaster shares his thoughts

Credit North East TimesHeadmaster, Dr. Bernard Trafford, recently shared what he'd learnt over the years in the teaching profession, from the days of being a young music teacher to now, as headmaster of our fantastic school which excels under his direction. 

Here's a snippet from the piece, which you can read more of here.

My first lesson was from my head of department who taught me never, never to compromise on commitment and standards – in music (our subject) as in everything educational.

In education, children and their wellbeing are at the heart of everything. The endless quest for excellence must always be centred on them and their individual needs. That mantra hasn’t changed for me in 26 years of headship, but I’m sure my application of the principle has become more skilful and sophisticated.

Teaching needs endless supplies of patience, energy, humanity and compassion. You need to like people and understand that adults and children alike in a school need care, flexibility and support. A clear vision of where you are trying to go, and an ability to explain, negotiate and compromise will help you to take people with you. 

You can read the full article from the October edition of North East Times online.

*Image credit North East Times