Royal Grammar School


    I’m delighted to welcome you to the website of the Newcastle upon Tyne Royal Grammar School. As I hope you will find in its pages, the school is a truly special and exciting place to be. From ages 7-18, the sense of purpose, creativity and commitment shine through and for all of its history, the RGS is an open, welcoming and friendly place.

    As a school, it is our aim, ambition and purpose to inspire. This inspiration may be grounded in our sense of history, achievements and belonging in the city, but it is also drawn from an ambition to succeed and grow. We believe that in treating those around us with care and respect, we can create an environment that allows everyone in the community to be themselves and flourish. Therefore, we believe in creating a happy environment where freedom of expression, ideas and beliefs can be shared and exchanged openly. It is only through the nurturing of individuals, with our focus on the care and support of the emotional wellbeing of every individual, that we can have such a happy and vibrant school. We are proud of our community and what they achieve and believe in giving them the freedom to explore their passions both in and outside of the classroom. We believe in challenging, provoking and stretching the minds of everyone here so that they are free to be curious, free to think, free to try, free to enjoy, free to dream of possibilities and free to create and shape their own future.  

    But every Head will speak highly of their school so, please, don’t just take my word for it but come and visit us! I know that once you get through the gates and see us for yourself you will find a buzzing, thriving and exciting place that is ready with a warm welcome.

    Geoffrey Stanford, Interim Headmaster