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Just like the Olympics

Just like the Olympics

They’ve done it again! This year’s A level candidates have once again achieved outstanding grades, as today’s results demonstrate. No actual school records were broken this time around but, as so often at RGS, we’re witnessing those stratospherically high levels of achievement that our ambitious students aim for and reliably reach.

I won’t list the results here: you can find them elsewhere on the website by clicking here

Honestly, the whole experience is (far too much for comfort) like watching the Olympics. We rejoice in the amazing success of the team as a whole, but also know it is all about the personal aspirations, hard work and achievements of individuals. As in the Olympics there are astonishing highs, hopes and dreams fulfilled – in this case, dreams of university places and career steps.

Nonetheless, as with athletes, there are also instances of personal disappointments and private heartbreak. When these occur we are swift to support our students and help them to plan anew. That process is going on as I write this, though there are mercifully few candidates unplaced at university even by midday on results day.

I take my hat off to our students and salute their determination and sheer graft, their collective and individual success was in all respects hard-earned and well-deserved.


Bernard Trafford