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Leo's golden swim

Leo's golden swim

Year 9 student, Leo Vinogradov, swept the board at the recent British Finswimming Championships, winning four gold medals and setting a new national record for his age group and the two above.

Finswmming is an underwater sport competed over similar distances to the standard swimming disciplines. It consists of four techniques using fins, either on the water's surface (using a snorkel with monofins or bifins) or underwater (with a monofin and holding ones breath or using scuba diving equipment).

Speaking of his success at the British Championships, Leo said,

"I'm very proud of my achievements and am looking forward to working as hard as ever to achieve even higher goals I've set myself."

It's great to see a student achieving this high standard at such a young age and we look forward to seeing how Leo progresses in the sport over the coming years.