Royal Grammar School


Looking To the Future

Looking To the Future

A glorious sunny day today seems to herald spring (at last), and adds a feeling of optimism. There are other reasons to feel upbeat today.

First we’ve been hosting a meeting of school nurses from independent schools across the region: it’s great to see these invaluable professionals getting together to share best practice, something that can never do anything but improve the service they offer still further. 

At the same time, I was looking after a group of visitors from the Future Leaders’ Trust, a programme to develop potential school leaders in the maintained sector. They proved both perceptive and talented: they not only loved watching lessons in both our Junior and Senior Schools, but also asked us searching and stimulating questions. As always with this kind of activity, we learn as much from our visitors as they do from us: one can never do too much of the sharing of experience and comparing of methods that we indulge in on such occasions.

Meanwhile we have Year 4 still out on their residential at Patterdale: swimmers at the Bath and Otter Championships at the Olympic Pool in East London; the Senior and Blue Blazer Choirs off at the Ryton Festival (the Blue Blazers are in Harrogate tomorrow); and our gymnasts are just heading off for their big national schools competition. And tomorrow there’s the usual weekend sports programme!

Life goes on as normal for the rest in school: normal being stimulating, exciting, full of the joy of learning, and imbued with the pleasure of doing so amongst such supportive and warm groups of friends as our students create.

It’s what it’s all about: as always in education, all about looking to the future. That’s good enough for me.

Bernard Trafford