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Maps from the Past

Maps from the Past

Inspired by map interpretation in Year 7 Geography, Jared Watson created a lot of interest in Monday’s lesson with some old maps he found at home.

Looking at them in class, the students discovered they were cloth-backed Ordnance Survey editions dating from 1912. Jared brought maps covering parts of North Yorkshire and Salisbury Plain but the one of greatest interest to 7K was the map of Newcastle and Tyneside. Some pointed out how much the urban area has expanded in the last 103 years whilst others liked the method of hatched shading to show relief, superimposed with just a few contours. “Much clearer to understand what the land looks like compared with modern contour maps!”, declared one student.

Perhaps the Salisbury Plain map gave the biggest clue but handwritten captions on the covers of some maps also suggest this little collection might have been issued to Army personnel. Jared is keen to try to investigate further. Thanks to him and his parents for letting us have a glimpse of some fascinating historical Geography!