Royal Grammar School


Moving on

Moving on

I feel a bit sad today. Our Communications Manager, Marie Appleton, is leaving us after nearly five years, having been head-hunted by the design firm with which she has collaborated many times while producing excellent publications such as our Review magazine. She came to the RGS initially as our first-ever designated Admissions Officer and latterly became our first Communications Manager.

Her desk is situated right outside the door of my office, in our open-plan administrative centre, so I have worked with her closely both literally and in strategic terms. Parents may not have been able to put a name to her, and almost certainly not a face: yet she has formed the hub of our ever-improving systems of communications and contact with parents and with the outside world, tackling quite daunting strategic challenges with energy and great good humour. So, while I’m delighted for her in terms of a good career move, I shall miss her immensely.

Marie, and her departure, also allows me to consider how we view all our support staff. So often their work is hidden or at least anonymous, even though those who run the administration that enables the whole place to happen, who cook all the food or clean and service the premises are all vital to the excellence that the school achieves. Even our Inspection Report will tend to take for granted all those unsung heroes and heroines whose unglamorous, solid toil makes it possible for teachers to do what they do and thus for the students to enjoy such a huge range of opportunities, to excel and to have fun.

So here I want publicly to thank Marie and to wish her well, but also to pay tribute to all the support staff, 91 employees in all, who quietly, effectively, unstintingly, help to make the RGS the amazing place that it is.

Bernard Trafford