Royal Grammar School


Opening Up

Opening Up

Well, we're just about ready. Everything in school is gleaming, as are the freshly-scrubbed faces of our students, now trained and eager to show guests around. As yes, tomorrow is our Open Morning.

As usual we will expect to have hundreds of families looking around on what is, for any school, the single biggest marketing event of the year. So it's no use taking it lightly: the panning and execution have to be detailed and excellent. 

Naturally we put on a show, but it's not a false one. The School is always spick and span, every day: our cleaning and maintenance team are fantastic in the dedication with which they look after the fabric of the School. As for our students, they are always smartly dressed and very eager! It's the nature of the RGS student.

So although it is a special event, I'm confident that the impression potential parents and students will get when they look around is a real reflection of RGS on a normal school day. Teachers will have the chance to demonstrate their passion for the subjects they teach, bringing that passion to their teaching every day of the school term. And the pride that the boys and girls show in their school as they guide visitors around or demonstrate their favourite subject or activity is no less in evidence day by day: nor is their eagerness to learn and their readiness t accept the intellectual and other challenges that come their way (not be accident, but very much by design).

It is the reality of the RGS, even if it has to be dressed up and organised to some extent for the particular occasion that is Open Morning. That is why, when I speak to visitors tomorrow, I shall confidently invite them to come and see if they feel the same buzz and excitement around the corridors on an ordinary school day, even on a wet Friday afternoon. I'm confident they will. 

Let's have a great Open Morning. I'm looking forward to it. 

Bernard Trafford