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Outdoor Climbing in Spain

Outdoor Climbing in Spain

In February half term we took five boys from Year 9 and 10 to Alicante and the Costa Brava for an introduction to sports climbing outdoors. This was a return visit for three of them, but new ground for the others. The week went well with generally good weather and the boys developing into good outdoor lead climbers. The highlights being: two of the boys leading 6b outdoors (Abel Harvie-Clark and James Dodds); the observable development in the confidence and lead climbing of Felix Thomas and Josh Tyrrell-Thrower; and the overall organisation and self-management (including some magnificent meals cooked in the evenings – James Shepherdson’s paella was as good as ever!). Although we did lose one full days climbing to some heavy rain (for the first time on any of the trips so far), this was more than made up for by the visit to the chocolate factory and museum in Villa Joyoisa, where all attempts at healthy eating went up in smoke. In general the trip was fantastic, and the boys were excellent.  

Roll on February 2016 and October 2016 for the next trips (old and young).  

Mr Dunn