Royal Grammar School


Packed house for school drama

Packed house for school drama

The Miller Theatre was once again full to the rafters for another of our fantastic House competitions, this time House drama. The evening was filled with devised drama, comedy, Shakespeare and improvisation all of which were expertly judged by our guest, Ian McLaughlin from Tyneside comedy group, The Suggestibles.

Each House were asked to respond to the challenge of devising a piece using just one word and one prop as their stimuli. Miles Gittins (Year 10) shone in Eldon's Desire Club story, whilst Collingwood's tale of Forgiveness featured some tremendous accents, singing and physical theatre. Horsley impressed with their movement and mimicry to explore Vengeance, but it was Stowell who took the win in this round with their wonderful combination of storytelling skill, clever stagecraft and quick wit. 

Stowell's James Ferrier (Year 13) took home the best actor gong, Collingwood's Cressey Osborne (Year 12) won the Shakespeare prize for her compelling interpretation of the famous All the World's a stage speech, and Eldon were honoured with the best technical team for their smooth and seamless operation and their fantastic imagination in preparation. 

It was Horsley though who were crowned overall winners after securing individual awards of; best comic duologue (Verity Hodgson-Bajoria and Akin Akingbade, both Year 13), best actress (Verity Hodgson-Bajoria) and best impro team (Isaac Marchant, Year 11 and Dominic Hodgson-Bajoria, Year 9). They also scored high in other rounds which contributed to their overall win. 

The level of skill and creativity on display from all the students was tremendous and they all showed a fantastic level of commitment to supporting each other throughout, enjoying all the performances.