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Pause for Thought

Pause for Thought

It’s quiet in school today, because our students have a day added to their half-term. All our students, that is, except those setting off on our economics trip to London, climbing expedition to Spain or history trip to Istanbul!

Meanwhile, the teaching staff who are left (most of them, in effect) are spending the day sharing best professional practice and thus adding constantly to their classroom skills. The day genuinely provides a pause for thought.

I’m not making light of this. It is a great teaching-staff that is ready to share its ideas (and, yes, the things it’s not so confident about), take ideas from one subject and adapt them to another, share the frustrations with things that don’t work and devise strategies that do.

It’s easy to fill training days with all kinds of necessary information or content (for example, fire safety, first aid and safeguarding – all important things in schools). What delights me about my colleagues at the RGS is that we are managing increasingly to focus our training days on what happens in the classroom: we’re getting better and better as a result.

And then? A lot of rest for everyone, I hope. It’s a hard slog through January and February – and not that easy up until Easter! But great work has been done in the classroom in this first half of term, just as fantastic sport, drama, music and debating (and all those other things) have been taking place. Even through the dark and cold of winter, then, the richness of RGS life, of sheer educational experience and opportunity, continues.

So now we’ll have a week off, recharge the batteries and get back to it on 23rd February. 

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Bernard Trafford