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RGS Engineers successful in EES competition

RGS Engineers successful in EES competition


In recent years our entries into the Engineering Education Scheme (EES) have been extremely successful, with our students impressing the judging panels, winning trophies and being put forward for various other national competitions including The Big Bang Fair.

Our 2017/2018 entrants continued our tradition of putting strong teams into the competition, and both teams can be very proud of their efforts and achievements, with the Nissan Trophy returning to RGS.

Both teams were set projects by Nissan. The first of our teams, Hamish Burnett, Rajiv Mistry, Rohit Singh and Shriram Ruppa Geethanath (all Lower Sixth), designed and produced a bolt distribution system for the production line at Nissan. This production line builds both Leafs and Qashqais, with the cars sequenced in any order.

The piece of kit built by the boys supplies the operator with four of the correct bolts for whatever type of car that is in front of them. The unique system uses a light gate to count the bolts and then presents them to the operator to easily pick up. The system uses a Poke-Yoke or fool-proofing tool (a requirement of the brief), so the operator wouldn't be able to fit the incorrect bolts to the car.

This system designed by the team absolutely fitted the brief they were given, and the judges were suitably impressed, rewarding the team with best overall project.

Coming in a close second was our other team, Lauren Robson, Darina Andriychenko and Naini Mandal (all Lower Sixth). 

They designed and produced a system to dispense exactly 12 bolts or eight nuts for the operator of the Infinity training jig. Similar to the boys system, it had to use Poke-Yoke techniques.

The girls' system used an electromagnet to lift the nuts and bolts and a load cell to count them, with the electromagnet being moved by a system of motors. The whole assembly was controlled using an Arduino.

The girls' design certainly impressed the judges panel and they were awarded with a second place.

Both teams will now test their products further and continue to showcase them in more competitions.