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RGS students enjoy Cuban dance workshop

RGS students enjoy Cuban dance workshop

A group of RGS students who are keen dancers and/or Hispanists, headed to the Theatre Royal alongside our dance specialist, Jane Richardson and Head of Modern Languages, Karen Sykes for a special Cuban dance workshop.

The workshop was led by Danza de Cuba, Cuba's leading contemporary dance troupe who were on a national tour showcasing their unique interpretation of dance. 

After putting the students through their paces with a demanding warm-up, the professionals did a fine job choreographing (in Spanish and English) our willing group in modern dance moves to some catchy Cuban beats which had an electronica twist.

The final product was a fast-paced 15 minute routine that was based on one of Danza de Cuba's routines. 

You'll notice the image above is pretty blurry and that is due to the fast-pace dance meaning our photographer on the day couldn't get an action shot!