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Remains of the Day

Remains of the Day

Today started early. It was little after 5am when I felt obliged to get up and see what had happened in the Referendum. A committed Remainer, I'm dismayed by the result and worry about what the future will bring. But this isn't the place to expand on my political theories, nor my anxieties for the future. 

Yet the future is what today is all about for me. Having returned to the relative sanity of school life after a day at the Daily Telegraph's Education Festival at Wellington College in Berkshire yesterday (the south wasn't dealing well with rain and flooding!)

This afternoon sees this term's meeting of the full Governing Body, and I expect to spend much of that meeting talking about the future. It's a bright one. The school is full, and every indicator and statistic confirms that it is doing as well as we claim. And we really are planning a future. We can look, for a while, beyond the pressures of inspection and that enormous concentration, for independent schools, on regulatory compliance.

So this afternoon we'll be talking about the whole purpose of education, of what we are doing to ensure that our students continue to achieve highly. and how we can help them to reach their ambitious goals. It's an exciting time, and I expect to be outlining details of our major focus in my Headmaster's Address on RGS Day, Saturday 2 July, at 10.30am in the Main Hall.

Following yesterday's vote, I have real concerns about the political future. But in schools, we are always dealing with the future. Every single thing we do with and for students is about their future, about their preparation for adult life. So at RGS we can continue to envision and plan a bright future for our wonderful, motivated and inspiring young people. 

I take great comfort in that.

Bernard Trafford