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Salters’ Institute Chemistry Camp!

Salters’ Institute Chemistry Camp!

Year 11 student Josh Talks was selected to attend the Salters’ Institute Chemistry Camp this summer. His account of the camp is below…

In July of this year I attended the Salters’ Chemistry Camp at Nottingham University, where I joined 60 students from around the country who had gathered there to take part in a combination of experiments and lectures. It was a brilliant experience and an opportunity to use exciting new equipment and gain a unique insight into studying Chemistry at university. 

The Salters’ Institute was founded in 1918. It was initially created to assist young Chemists returning from the First World War and now continues to promote the appreciation of Chemistry and related sciences.

For me the highlights of the camp were the experiments, such as the synthesis of the anaesthetic Benzocaine and the use of Infra-red spectroscopy along with Thin layer Chromatography to analyse the purity of the compound produced. In addition, we synthesised two chemiluminescent compounds, Siloxene and Luminol. These compounds produce cold light and can therefore be used as a method of detection in areas such as forensic science and for the identification of impurities in pharmaceutical compounds.

The evening lectures included a series of increasingly dramatic explosions, which were great fun too!

Josh Talks