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Seussical the Musical

Seussical the Musical

The Year 7-8 production by Mr Gilbert of Seussical the Musical was stunning. It’s a non-stop piece, noisy, rhythmic, brash and “in-yer-face”: the young cast did it proud. This show relied even more than most on ensemble, excellent dancing - every arm and leg in the right place at the right time(!) - and great singing as well. Given the sheer number in the cast, entrances, exits and reactions had to be perfectly timed. Fantastic listening was also required. Everyone needed to follow and respond everyone else, as well as keeping with the music (this production, for good reasons, used a soundtrack rather than a live band).

It was triumphant, and outstanding solo performances were enhanced by the excellent interaction between the lead characters (quite a number of them) and the chorus/singers/dancers, not to mention the colourful set so expertly designed and created by our own Mr Edwards. They young cast worked so hard to get to that level of polish (a level that I’m not sure I’ve seen bettered in a Blue Blazer show) that grit and determination were called for - not necessarily on stage when the adrenalin flowed, but coping with tiredness at the end of a long term, still finding homework to do, the rest of life to encompass and so on. They make me very proud!

Dr Trafford