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Staff vs Student Netball Match!

Staff vs Student Netball Match!

On Monday lunchtime, a handful of brave RGS staff members took to the netball court to take on the 1st VII netball team. The staff were ready to give it their all and wasted no time in getting into the competitive spirit. Mr Metcalfe, Dr Greenhalgh and Mr Greenhalgh in particular were amongst the more competitive members of the team. The staff put up a good fight but the students were taking no prisoners and they stormed  a 7-0 lead in the first half, making the most of the staff members’ lack of experience as a team. A few cheeky attempts at foul play from the staff did not distract the students as they fought on piecing together some impressive set moves. The staff team picked up their game in the second half - thanks to some encouraging support from the spectators – and demonstrated more effective defending and a more defiant game plan, not to mention a sneaky attempt by the Bursar to (quite literally!) move the goalposts. The final score was 14-7 to the students, however next year we are looking for revenge!

Miss Smith

The game in pictures

The match gets off to a good start…


…but things soon turn nasty as the competitive spirit takes over.




Caught in the act! The Bursar’s attempt at foul play..







The staff team put up a good fight…







…but they were no match for the students who emerged the winners! 







The staff will be back next year, hungry for revenge…






Once we get our breath back.