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Students produce striking GCSE results

Students produce striking GCSE results

Students have once again achieved exemplary GCSE results, on a par with their A-level colleagues who received their outstanding grades just last week.

The 2016 cohort of 131 girls and boys saw 15 candidates gain a full sweep of A* passes, and a further 46 with a mixture of all A* and A grades. 

An impressive 52.9% of entries were awarded the coveted A* grade, whilst 81.6% of all entries had passes at the top two grades, A* or A. 98.8% of grades were at the generally accepted pass grades of A* to C, with a full 100% gaining A*-E.

Headmaster Dr Bernard Trafford was once again delighted with the student's performances, stating, 

'As with A level results last week, no actual RGS school records have tumbled this year. But this storming set of results once again demonstrates how dependable and consistent the school's outcomes are.

'Fantastic teaching plays a major part, of course, but above all our girls and boys have committed, worked like fury and stuck at the task to achieve results which do enormous credit to them both individually and collectively.

'I'm just so proud of every single one of them.'

For a full set of grades, A-levels through to GCSEs please click here.

A special mention must go to those 15 students who achieved all A* grades:

Matthew Bailey
Alice Buckley
Isabel Burridge
Marietta Cherian
Omkar Dixit
Daniel Edwards
Heloise Gerber
Katija Hunt
James Johnson
Richard Langley
Lucy McCarthy
Atul Ramesh
Laura Smith
Joshua Talks
Alice Wilson

NB: 69 candidates, more than half the year group, took the school's usual 10 GCSEs (or iGCSE), plus an additional Further Maths qualification. In this exam, 14 gained A^ (equivalent to A**), therefore gaining the top grade in a remarkable 11 subjects.