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Supercharged Career

Supercharged Career

With the first production models of the range-topping Jaguar XE ‘S’ being rolled out just two months ago, the British-built sports saloon has made its first appearance at RGS. Nick Miller, Vehicle Programme Director of Jaguar Land Rover, brought the car to illustrate his presentation on the engineering profession, as part of the RGS Careers programme.

This 3.0 litre supercharged V6 with a restricted top speed of 155mph can accelerate to 60mph in just 4.9 seconds, perhaps symbolising the recent surge of interest in the engineering field. Nick left RGS in 1987 and, after graduating in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Leeds in 1990, went on to climb an impressive career ladder in a series of automotive companies including Nissan, TWR (Tom Walkinshaw Racing), Ford, Aston Martin Lagonda and, since 2011, Jaguar Land Rover.

His appreciative audience of twenty Sixth Formers learned much about the profession, as well as some of the exciting technology in the Jaguar XE package. Companies like JLR provide opportunities in a range of engineering and design specialisms, as well as a wide spectrum of other graduate occupations. In 2014, 8% of RGS Leavers went on to read Engineering at university, the third biggest cohort after Medicine and Economics. With great thanks to Nick Miller for inspiring a few more in this direction.