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Taking a break

Taking a break

Term ended in such a rush last week that there never seemed to be a moment to write an end of term blog. I'm rather pleased, as it happened, for on Friday we received news that rounded off a the year in great style. 

All last week our 1st XI cricket team were down at RGS Colchester for the annual RGS Cricket Festival. The festival runs over five days and features six Royal Grammar Schools from across the country: Colchester, Guildford, High Wycombe, Lancaster, Worcester and ourselves.

I popped down to Colchester for the so-called Heads' Day on Tuesday, inevitably spending more time travelling than watching cricket! But it's a tradition and I left our team well on the way to securing their second victory of the week. Friday saw the end of the Festival, with our team victorious in all five matches and thus the overall winners. Better still, our captain Rob Peyton, who had accumulated an astonishing run rate, was declared Player of the Festival. 

It would be honest to say that, in recent years, we have found our fellow RGSs providing very tough opposition. They did again, but this outstanding team stood up to it and saw it off! We are all immensely proud of them for rounding off the school year - one characterised by so much success and achievement as well as great enjoyment - with a triumphant conclusion.

Now it really is time for a rest! Our boys and girls work so hard that they must take serious time for rest and relaxation over the summer. There is plenty of time after A-level and GCSE results for me (and their parents) to urge them to return to school full of vigour and determination.

But for now it's time to take the foot off the throttle. I wish everyone: students, their families, teachers and all members of the support staff a great holiday when they manage to take what time is available to them.

Bernard Trafford