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The Final Curtain

The Final Curtain

It was our charismatic retiring Head of Psychology, Mr Dave Merritt, who quoted that great song in his farewell speech to his colleagues over lunch yesterday. Typically of someone so thoughtful, perhaps, he referred to the line, "regrets, I've had a few". There will always be some regrets at the end of the term, of a year, of a teaching career: but I'm quite certain that we ended this school year yesterday with very few regrets and a great many accomplishments, achievements and happy memories.

Indeed, I can't remember a happier, more positive end to the school year: our students have been fantastic, and our staff (teachers and support staff alike) nearly on their knees after all their efforts!

And that's how it should be, except it hasn't quite finished even now! This morning, we were looking at the weather for the last day of the RGS cricket festival. So far the sun has shone on some outstanding cricket, with enormous scores achieved in the 50 overs allowed to each team. Today saw the deciding match (that one held at Tynemouth) between the (so far unbeaten) RGS Lancaster and RGS High Wycombe -unfortunately, the weather severely curtailed play. And then will come all the trips and expeditions to various parts of the globe.

Final curtain, then? We never quite have those. But it is indeed time for a rest – for everyone. So much hard work, so much achievement – so much fun. The recipe is relatively simple: the actual process complex, stimulating, challenging, fulfilling, wonderful.

A very happy summer to all.


Bernard Trafford