Royal Grammar School


The Headmaster's message regarding Weds 28th Feb

The Headmaster's message regarding Weds 28th Feb

Following the school closure today, Headmaster John Fern has this message for all: 


Please accept my apologies for having to close the school today. At 7am when we did our checks the situation was no different from yesterday so in an attempt to let everyone know in plenty of time we made the decision to try and stay open. Unfortunately, the situation deteriorated rapidly over the next 45 minutes and when I was at the point that over 20 staff were unable to get in it was no longer viable to stay open. I am very sorry that we had to change the original decision but ultimately safety had to come first. The weather conditions also affected the IT service to the school so I now hear that the SMS message saying we were having to close which was sent at 7.45 did not go until considerably later as the provider’s system could not cope. We will look into this as I know it compounded the situation and has caused a great deal of frustration, for which I am very sorry.

We will continue to monitor the weather and will endeavour to keep everyone informed via the website, social media and emails. Given the problems this morning we will not just rely on the SMS service.