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Top author Rob Lloyd Jones visits the Junior School

Top author Rob Lloyd Jones visits the Junior School

Top children's author, Rob Lloyd Jones visited the Junior School this week to not only talk about his latest book, but also to run a writing workshop.

It was a great pleasure to welcome students from The Northumberland Church of England Academy (NCEA) in Ashington who also got to experience the workshop and talk.

Rob is a successful children's author who's books have won a number of awards including the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize. His debut novel, Wild Boy, was named one of the top five books of the year in the Branford Boase Awards.

The writing workshop saw 12 students from RGS and 12 from NCEA spend some time with Rob looking at creative writing skills and how best to put a story together.

Rob then spoke to the whole of the Junior School as well as NCEA students about his latest novel, Jake Atlas and the Tomb of the Emerald Snake, as well as his love for Egyptology which inspired the plot. 

Following this insightful talk, Rob answered many of the young students questions in a superb question and answer session, before getting down to a mammoth book signing.

Here's what Bede Doe and Amy Zheng (both Year 6) had to say:

'When Rob Lloyd Jones came to RGS he wrote a story with us using his method. We chose a character (a flying pig) and made a status quo (lazy, likes spaghetti bolognaise, flies to different planets frequently and secretly enjoys it etc.) Using the story of Finding Nemo to help us, we realised what we needed next (drumroll please...) A problem! Duh! Duh! Duh!

'Our problem was only a minor issue: The Earth was destroyed! We then decided that the pig should save spaghetti bolognaise and in doing so save the world intentionally. Every character needs to change, don't they?

'Overall we really enjoyed the workshop and the talk which the rest of the school came to as well. Thanks Rob!'