Our History & Heritage

The Newcastle upon Tyne Royal Grammar School has a long and rich history as the city's oldest institution of learning.  

Although the exact date is a matter of debate, tradition has it that the school was founded in 1525 by Thomas Horsley, Mayor of Newcastle. Its first site was next to St Nicholas' Cathedral; since then it has moved five times, but it has occupied its present buildings in Jesmond since 1906.   

Originally an all boys' school, RGS has grown over the centuries, welcoming its first girls into the Sixth Form in 2001 and becoming fully co-educational in 2008.   

Though the school is very proud of its long history and sense of tradition, it seeks always to look forward rather than back and continues to flourish as the premier school in the North East of England. 

Heritage Highlights

A red and navy blue striped school blazer with a school crest on the pocket

Below are links to the RGS Archive and to stories and research articles on all aspects of the School’s history.

They have been written by various people, including the Archivist, Old Novos, current teaching staff, and students. We will continue to build on this site as new research is completed. They are arranged according to theme.

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