Pastoral Overview

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Sarah Longville, our Deputy Head Pastoral, oversees the care and welfare of all our students in the school.

Junior School

In the Junior School, a child's teacher will provide the majority of the care and support needed and parents are encouraged to share concerns with them as early as possible. The Head of the Junior School, ably supported by the Assistant Head (Pastoral) and his team, who oversee the day to day welfare of the children and provide an alternative source of support. 

Senior School

In the Senior School, students have the benefit of both a Form Supervisor and a Tutor to help them navigate the academic, extra-curricular and social demands of adolescence.

Form Supervisors have daily contact with their students; they register them each day and oversee their academic and general welfare. They are supported by a Head of Year and Assistant Heads of Year who are all based in one central office. This enables a continuity of care as a student moves through the school and ensures that our understanding of each child continues to grow.

Whilst students may have different Form Supervisors throughout their time at RGS, their Tutor will remain the same. Tutors oversee a tutor group which belongs to one of the four school Houses: Collingwood, Eldon, Horsley and Stowell, and is made up of two or three students from each year group. Siblings are usually in the same tutor group as this enables students and families to build a valuable bond with that member of staff whose priority is not the academic performance or behaviour of the student, but their general well-being and activities beyond the classroom. The House system is a key element in our pastoral support as well as providing a mechanism for intra-school competition.

Sixth Form

The pastoral structure in the Sixth Form remains the same as in the Senior School. Additional help and support is also available from the Head of Sixth Form and their team who are based in their own office in the Sixth Form Centre.


In addition to the above, students can also seek help and advice from peer supporters, a full-time School Nurse, on-site Counsellors and the School Doctor who is available once a week.

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Pastoral Blog

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