Senior School Overview

Children join the Senior School at age 11 from a wide variety of different backgrounds and schools. They are given a warm welcome by their teachers and fellow students, enabling them to quickly settle in to life at RGS. With over 700 boys and girls in Years 7-11, the Senior School is a busy place with lots going on and students find that they are quickly drawn in to a variety of clubs and activities - both new and familiar - and strong friendships are easily formed. The school is characterised by an inclusive, supportive and friendly community spirit and it is normal for students to mix with others from a variety of different year groups, as well as their own. Whole-school structures such as assemblies and the house system help to maintain the strong spirit of community which runs throughout the school. 

The RGS is well-known and respected nationally and regionally in terms of academic achievement, extra-curricular opportunities and student experience. Our aim is that when our students leave us they enjoy not only the university course or career of their choice but also successful and fulfilling lives. With an ethos of high expectation both in and outside the classroom our students constantly surprise themselves with how much they can do and achieve.

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