Our Social Impact

The foundations of our sense of social responsibility belong in our 500 year-old history; Thomas Horsley, the original settler of RGS pledged his legacy in 1525 to create the city’s first learning institution. Half a millennium later the school continues to flourish and this ambition of social impact is front and centre to everything we do. We believe in the infinite potential of our region and are driven to raise the attainment and aspiration of young people from across the North East.

WE BELIEVE in inspiring young people and equipping them to make a positive contribution to society. We promote excellence and are committed to raising aspiration and attainment across the North East. By inspiring and nurturing hearts and minds, we can give those around us the freedom to create and shape their own futures.

WE AIM to reach young people of the north, regardless of background and circumstance: from Carlisle to Stockton-upon Tees, to Berwick-upon-Tweed and back to our heartland in the city of Newcastle.

WE WORK alongside teachers from all institutions interested in curriculum innovation, collegiality and sharing methodologies; and any parent wanting to explore a range of exciting opportunities for their children.

WE COLLABORATE with further and higher education, and businesses wishing to invest in the education and training of young people in this region.

WE GALVANISE the RGS community to give back to the North East region, to support this ambition.


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How we deliver

RGS School educates some 1,350 students, over 350 of whom are in the Sixth Form, one of the largest in the independent sector. We became fully co-educational 20 years ago. The school has educated over 10,000 Old Novocastrians, who have all gone out to make a positive impact on the world, many shaping the economic, cultural and societal landscape of the North East.

RGS Bursaries enable the brightest young people from across the North East to attend RGS. Strictly means-tested, our bursaries are targeted at families living in the most deprived areas of our region, typically working in essential but low paid roles. This work has already supported over 420 bursary families to date and currently 1 in 16 students in our school. 

RGS Partnerships work alongside partner state schools to share teaching and learning opportunities. Curriculum development and expansion is facilitated through CPD, shared resources and the appointment of specialist RGS Partnership Teachers. This work already reaches over 7,300 young people across the North East, each year.

Our social activity is funded through the RGS family of students, current and former parents, Old Novocastrians, local philanthropists, trusts and company donors, who give voluntarily to support our critical work. These incredible donors are galvanised by our RGS Gives fundraising campaign, through which every member of the RGS community can give something back to the North East.