Our Vision & Ethos

girls with arms round each other in junior school uniform

We believe in inspiring young people and equipping them to make a positive contribution to society.

The RGS as a school should promote excellence and is committed to raising aspiration and attainment across the North East.

By inspiring and nurturing hearts and minds, we can give those around us the freedom to create and shape their own future.

A future that is built on our sense of history and belonging in the city but is fueled by an ambition to succeed and evolve.

A place where freedom of expression, ideas and beliefs can be shared, exchanged and grow openly in our happy environment.

An environment where we look out for each other and treat everyone with care and respect, within and beyond our community.

A spirit to challenge, inspire and stretch the minds of everyone here so we feel free to explore, free to think, free to try, free to dream of possibilities and free to be ourselves.

Inspiring young people and equipping them to make a positive contribution to society

Our ethos and values are part of our everyday conversations across the School:

Proud of our heritage, we have a deep sense of belonging. Our school community reaches far and wide.
With an open mind and with care and respect for those around us, we inspire collaboration, forging connections that last a lifetime.

In a happy environment where people can be themselves, we teach and learn in diverse and surprisingly different ways. 
By exploring our passions, we have the freedom to bring specialist knowledge to life, supporting creativity, encouraging self-expression and truly nurturing academic promise.

There are no limits to what we can achieve when we work hard, support and look out for each other.
Through a shared belief, we appreciate and celebrate everyone's achievements. With well-being at the heart of everything we do, our warm and caring culture helps nurture confidence and develop all of the skills needed for a successful and happy life.

Excellence and success are built on our freedom to explore, courage to innovate and spirit to push boundaries both in and outside the classroom.
We don't stand still, challenging, provoking and stretching minds to help our students evolve new ways of thinking and discover future opportunities.

Specifically in the Junior School we talk about the RGS Superpower Code:

I pause before reacting and compare myself only to myself

I am responsible for myself and curious about the world

I am caring and compassionate towards myself and others

I show my individuality and to embrace failure in pursuit of progress