Personalised Learning (Learning Support)

Skills, progress & support

Ethos and Vision 

Our aim is to ensure that every student can enjoy success in and out of the classroom, regardless of the barriers they may face. We like to ensure that all needs are met at RGS, and that each student is treated as an individual with their own set of strengths and areas to develop. All students, regardless of their needs, should be offered a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum appropriate to their needs, abilities and aspirations.  

What is our approach?

We work with students from Year 3 to Upper Sixth. Some needs have been identified before coming to RGS, others are identified throughout their time at school. We encourage positive relationships with families in order to work together to support each student. We identify needs through teacher and parent feedback, through baseline assessments and on-going assessment or from student queries.  
When needs have been identified, we devise individual or group programmes, and work with teachers using students’ strengths as a springboard to new learning. We monitor progress termly for students and help teachers understand how to include any adaptations needed within the classroom.  

What kind of support is available?

We devise individual programmes depending on what the student needs. We support students with learning, social skills, speech and language, social communication / ASD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, memory difficulties, auditory processing needs, ADHD, organisation and revision. Usually, students work with us individually and sometimes in small groups. We offer sessions around revision and learning skills, from year groups to individually. We work with professionals outside school that are involved with our students so guide our provision. We are all qualified and experienced teachers. 


Head of Learning and SENDCo

Lorraine Cattle,
BA, Durham, Northumbria PGCE,
Edge Hill University NA-SENCO Award, QTS


Senior School LSA Team
Junior School LSA Team

Naomi Kyle

Learning Support Assistant & Exams Assessor

BA Hons Durham, MSc Northumbria,
PGCE Newcastle

Lesley Johnston

HLTA & KS2 SENDCo Support
STA, Northumbria, HLTA Level 4


Sarah Huck

Learning Support Assistant

BA, Reading, GCE Newcastle

Helen Sisterson 

Learning Support Assistant

               BA, CACHE Level 3                       

Hilary Hardy 

Learning Support Assistant

BA, Sheffield, MA, Open, PGCE

Alaina Gilmore

Learning Support Assistant

CACHE Level 3