Rainbow flag logo of Pride Soc


Hello, we’re pride soc!

Pride soc was started in October of 2020 by Lower Sixth students, Lenny, Dee, Kai, Beck, Robin and Evi. Our aim in starting this society was to raise awareness on LGBTQ+ issues and experience but also to create a safe space for all queer or questioning students and allies to go to meet likeminded people and plan for a more diverse and inclusive experience for all.

We originally started it as a society for Sixth Form students, but now we have expanded to the whole Senior School, with both a Junior (Years 7-9) and Senior (Years 10-13) Pride Society.

We have given assemblies to raise awareness, supplied training for staff on how to be inclusive of all students and started a pronoun badge initiative across school, allowing everyone to feel comfortable and confident in expressing their pronouns. We set this up to be a lasting society for all LGBTQ+ students and allies to make RGS a safer and more inclusive environment.

Hi, my name is Kirsty Nowicki,

I was approached by a small group of Sixth Form students one Autumn Term with a plea to help set up and facilitate a vision. It is testament to them that they sold it to me in 20 seconds and have built it into a whole senior school society which is attended by a huge range of people across a huge range of ages, genders and identities.

It started as a small initiative offering support, shared experience and education and has evolved into a proactive body for change, diversity and inclusion across the RGS community. With experiences and understanding leading the way towards building an even more supportive environment for our staff and students.

It is a wonderful student body, demonstrating and role modelling respect and positive change one challenge at a time. From staff training to pronoun pins, to embedding their own experiences and educational resources into our curriculum, they really are leading the charge with PRIDE! It is humbling and eye opening every step of the way.

Do you know about the flags?

The yellow and purple intersex flag
Picture of the Demisexual flag

Click on the images below to read the thoughts of some of our students and staff.

During LGBTQ+ History Month, these posters were displayed around our school.

Sixth Form student, Lenny, teaches us about the importance of using the correct pronouns. 


Five colourful figures above the words just like us
A green capital M with a mermaids tail in the middle


Resources for students

Resources for parents

Here are some of our LGBTQ+ role models

Here are some of the initiatives we have set up in school

Rainbow pride stickers
We handed out these stickers. 
We handed out Pronoun Pins